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  • What areas of life can I work on with you?
    On the website I focus on "pleasure" and "power" as these are often neglected and connect to other areas of life that are important. These areas include anything work or love related, feeling at home in your body or family, your relationship to money, consciousness, and divinity. And most importantly, your relationship to transformation. Many of us have been sold a myth that "people don't change'. This simply isn't true. Our nervous systems are designed to keep us "safe", and crudely conflates "safe" with "familiar". You will find yourself experiencing the same patterns, and behaving the same way, because your nervous system is running your life. It takes some effort and some support to take back the keys to your nervous system. That's where I come in.
  • How much money does it cost? How much time does it take?
    Initial Consultation - 90mins - £180 Here we will take a thorough history of your background, and make connections from your early life to now. We identify what you want to shift, and the steps needed to get you there. Cycles - 6x60min - £850 This is the foundational package. We are looking for lasting and rapid transformation. Some shifts only need one cycle, some deeper more radical changes will need more. I am with you every step of the way. Sessions are a mixture of talk-based and body-based practices. I do not offer bodywork. Bespoke Tailored Programme - £2500 This is the mother of all transformational work. A personalised programme that pulls together the best of mind-based and body-based therapeutic work, alongside ritual and ceremonial work drawing on shamanic and tantric wisdom. The benefit of bringing ritual and ceremony into your life is massive. Read why below. 8 sessions lasting between 1.5 - 2 hours long. Ritual work and home-play in between. It is possible to book a consultation and then decide whether to pursue a cycle or a tailored programme.Sessions are currently mostly over zoom. When doing a tailored programme I may recommended coming to my space in central London for specific ritual work.
  • What is shamanism and how can it help me?
    Shamanism is a practice that comes from animistic culture. In animistic culture the belief is that everything is animate / alive. This includes all nature: plants, animals, fire and ice etc - as well as every thought and belief. Everything has a spirit or essence. This means that a "negative" thought or belief can create a "negative" experience (physically, emotionally, socially etc), including the experiences of chronic illness and enduring family patterns. Your stories affect your life. In shamanic healing, the most powerful tool is the ability to understand and re-write your stories. To heal the spirit / essence of the story. Shamanic healing involves accessing altered states of consciousness. I work with drumming and also with breath / sound / movement practices to get into this state. Shamanically when we are in an altered states of consciousness we can connect with healing spirits - including the spirits of the land, elements, and our ancestors. Being in an altered state of consciousness for healing also checks out scientifically. When you get "out of our head", your pre-frontal-cortex releases its tight grip, relaxing the stories you hold about who you think you are. Transformation occurs on a neurochemical and neuroplastic level. Beyond this, indigenous shamanic cultures carry the wisdom to help you not only live in balance with nature, but to live in balance as nature. Working with me is a commitment to coming into balance.
  • How do I know if intimacy / sex related work is right for me?
    Likelihood is if you're a human, then your intimate and sexual life could definitely be supported by some terrific personalised self development work. I can specifically help with more obvious sexual and intimacy challenges like - preorgasmia (if you haven't experience orgasm yet / have become numb to your orgasm) - premature ejaculation / erectile dysfunction - connecting to the body - in terms of intuition, emotions, self-love - increasing pleasure for yourself and others - integrating sexual orientation - breaking patterns of co-dependency - understanding relationship needs - re-igniting the spark - and basically any other relational issue under the sun. More importantly, I love working with clients who want to connect to their Eros as their power and life force. Society teaches us that our sexuality is something that we do with / on / under another person. It isn't. This work is right for you if you want to feel totally alive. And see all areas of your life become deeply empowered and embodied. And have cracking relationships. With yourself and with others.
  • How does ritual / ceremony work in healing?
    Creating a ritual or ceremony is a really practical way of creating an altered space, in which transformation can happen. Pouring a lot of intention and design into a specific event - a ceremony or a ritual - allows an immense amount of potent energy to focus itself. Within a ceremony you are held by unseen forces; including your prayers, your offerings of thanks, your attention, and a sense of moving beyond the mundane everyday. Many of us have experienced ceremony through education or religious upbringing. A lof of the time, these experiences felt mechanical, boring, or alienating. This is the opposite of how a true ceremony can feel - totally full of rich personal meaning and poignancy.
  • How is this different to normal therapy?
    Western therapy stems from ancient practices, where people would engage with wisdom-keepers for counsel, attend ceremony with the community to pray and transition through hard times together, and re-connect back to their essential nature. Western talk therapy is good. It's really good. But stripped down to the mind-oriented element, it doesn't serve the full purpose. Whilst my work draws from some incredible psychothereaputic maps, it strives to re-connect you back to your full self: your body, mind, and soul... Your place in the community, relationship to your ancestors, and remembering as nature. Depending on how you choose to work with me, this might look like learning practical tools that re-connect you to your body, designing personal potent rituals that re-orient you in nature and amongst your ancestors, and being taken on a multi-hour ceremonial healing journey.
  • What will it be like working with you?
    Exciting, life-changing, and fun. You will feel things you've never felt before, and do things you've never done before. You will know yourself in a whole new way. I am kind, compassionate, and no BS. I promise to listen without judgement (seriously, you cannot shock me), and to hold you to your highest most shiny self. I love working with movers and shakers, and people ready to swim deep into the waters of what makes life worth living. If you are feeling any fire in your belly, then I want to hear to from you.

"Lauren is joy to be around and work with - deep knowledge and wisdom that is just incredible."

- Andy, Accountant / Coach

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