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How do you even begin to comprehend the meaning of "True Power",

in a society that sees power as force over another? 


Many of us have had our power crushed out of us: by life circumstances, systemic oppressions, conditioning, and most potently by our own thoughts - the ultimate parasite. 

True Power is your ability and capacity to make choices. It is your self-sovereignty. 

Whilst culturally you believe you are able to make choice, through the religious concept of Free Will, and the social concept of Democracy, actually, for most of us, this couldn't be further from the truth. If you haven't taken the time to understand the mechanical habits of your nervous system, your wounding, and your conditioning then you are simply unconsciously responding from a very old operating system. 


You would never let your phone chug on without an update, so why are you still chugging?

A deep dive into True Power involves becoming embodied: learning to connect to your feelings, instincts, and primal needs. It involves having a clear understanding of your background, and how that affects your life. It provides you with opportunities to heal, feel, and reveal parts of yourself, you didn't know existed. To create space, objectivity, and distance from the aspects of your identity that cause you pain and discomfort.  Crucially it returns you to your personal agency, so that you can live your fullest life. 

In shamanic culture your connection to your power is completely entwined with your connection to your body, your community, the natural world, the elements, your ancestors and the spirit world. In Western culture your connection to your power is completely entwined with your bank balance. 

Restore your True Power. And Get Rich in more ways than one.

Get Rich

Private Sessions

Initial Consultation - 90mins £180

Here we will take a thorough history of your background, and make connections from your early life to now.

We identify what you want to shift, and the steps needed to get you there.

Cycles - 6x60min £850

This is the foundational package. We are looking for lasting and rapid transformation. Some shifts only need one cycle, some deeper more radical changes will need more. I am with you every step of the way. Sessions are a mixture of talk-based and body-based practices. I do not offer bodywork.  

Bespoke Tailored Programme £2500

This is the mother of all transformational work. A personalised programme that pulls together the best of mind-based and body-based therapeutic work, alongside ritual and ceremonial work drawing on shamanic and tantric wisdom. The benefit of bringing ritual and ceremony into your life is massive. Read why here.

8 sessions lasting between 1.5 - 2 hours long. Ritual work and home-play in between.

It is possible to book a consultation and then decide whether to pursue a cycle or a tailored programme.

Sessions are currently mostly over zoom. When doing a tailored programme I may recommended coming to my space in central London for specific ritual work.

I work with men and women, trans, cis, and non-binary. All expressions of gender and sexuality are extremely welcome. I am a cis-gendered bisexual woman, whose pronouns are she / they. I have a diverse array of inner aspects, and an integrated connection to my feminine, masculine, and mystery.

"I'd felt creatively blocked for years, and I needed to find a way back to playfulness and curiosity if I was ever going to write. Lauren showed me how. My life has transformed as a result. Less than six months after working with Lauren I've got an agent and am working my my first collection of short stories."

- RZ Baschir, Writer

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