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lauren cooney : about me

I am a cultural and personal changemaker. A Co-Founder at GASM- erotic media designed by sex and relationship experts. And a filmmaker, performer, and storyteller. From this website I offer alternative coaching practices, working with people who genuinely want to live the best lives they can. 


I specialise in evoking integrated sexuality, true power, and inspired creativity... as these are the keys to radically transform and beautify your life. 


Modern Feels is devoted to this work. 

 how i got here 

Mainly with a lot of kicking and screaming. I have always straddled wanting to be desperately successful (holding an MA in English Literature from Cambridge University, and a multi-faceted career in the arts)... with the unerring feeling that nothing mattered.

... can you relate? 


For me, the threat of existential terror was present as a child, teenager, and insufferably as a young adult. Whilst my practical parents happily recognised life as dust-to-dust, I learnt the hard way that Western civilisation is experiencing a Meaning Crisis. This sense of crisis way outlived my angsty-rebel-years of bunking school. I covered this up by working 10x as hard as a filmmaker and performer - all while believing that unless I won 10 Oscars in a single year, covering all the major categories, then it probably wasn't worth it.

Rest assured, I was very hard on myself, and very unhappy.

It was only after one of my best friends took her life that I began to take my own mental struggles, and curiosity for transcendence, more seriously. 

For the last decade I have trained with some of the world's leading experts in the fields of conscious sexuality, shamanism, and spirituality. As hard as I tried to return to meetings with film producers, and stay up-to-date with Netflix, my soul had other plans. 

I am honoured to share with you the riches from the teachings and traditions I have had the privilege to explore.  They have made my life incredibly radiant and rich. They can do the same for you.

Explore how I can help you with your pleasure and your power. 


Multi-year training in British Indigenous Shamanism (Jez Hughes)

EFT (emotional freedom technique) therapy (Angela Merino & Matt Greenshields)

Reiki Healer (Miguel Chavez, Reiki Maya)

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (Despina Psarra)

Vipassana Meditation (Dhamma Dipa)

Transcendental Meditation (The Meditation Trust)

Psychosexual-Somatic Therapy (PST) coaching (Mike Lousada & Louise Mazanti)

International School of Temple Arts: Neo-Tantra and Sexual Shamanism school, graduate and assistant (Elaine Yonge, Bruce Lyon, Laurie Handlers, Frank Mondeose, Raffaello Manacorda, Janine Ma-Ree)

Master Your Pleasure - spiritual, sexual, shamanic initiation (Elaine Yonge)

Conscious Kink (Seani love)

(Neo) Tantra and Conscious Kink (Om Rupani & Laurie Handlers)

(Neo) Tantric Fuel for Living  (Andrew Barnes)

Epic Lovers (Layla Martin)

Classical Tantra Foundation, Tantrika Institute (Hareesh Wallis)

English Literature MA, The University of Cambridge

Ecole Philippe Gaulier Clown School, Paris

The Actors Temple + Actors East (Tom Radcliffe, Gary Condes)

The Screen Arts Institute, Screenwriting and Filmmaking (British Film Institute)

Modern Tales Film Development (Angeli MacFarlane, Femi Kolade)

Filmonomics (Mia Bays) 

"I was very excited to begin working with Lauren - but I couldn't have anticipated how seismic and significant the changes would be, and the leap in empowerment I feel now".

- Anna, Writer / Entrepreneur

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