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  what is modern feels? 

This is a place for you to explore your fullest expression of sexuality, relationships, power, and creativity. These facets of life give meaning and vitality, but they are so easily neglected. 


Whilst modern life clearly brings some massive benefits... there are some pretty tragic losses.

Many ailments and mental health struggles stem entirely from disconnection with the body, nature, and soul. A disconnection that lies at the heart of modern life. Fortunately, modern life also brings unprecedented access to life-enriching tools, transformational practices, and ancient wisdom.


The opportunity to live radiantly and meaningfully is at your fingertips. Right here. Right now.

Modern Feels is the stomping ground of Lauren Cooney: a cultural-changemaker and alternative coaching practitioner, specialising in pleasure, creativity, and power. 

"Awakening humans to their potential is a challenging feat that requires authenticity, credibility and empathy. From my experience, it is rare to come across beings who exhibit these incredible values for the highest good of humanity. Lauren Cooney is that rarefied individual who empowers others to come back to themselves and realise their wondrous capacity." 

- Stanley, Machine Learning Researcher

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